Extremely Dry Lips: Only Thing That works

I am a victim of dry lips all yearlong and it may be because I love to wear lipsticks on a regular and don’t take care of my lips the way I care for the rest of my face. Recently though, I have, finally, been experiencing what having soft and pink lips feels like. It is due to one trick that my mother always wanted me to use but I would just brush it off. Now, it is very important to stay hydrated through out the day and apply moisturizing and nourishing treatment on your lips but one thing that helped me the most was this trick that seems odd and may be even disgusting to some.

The trick is to put oil in your belly button! Yes, in your belly button! You can use any type of oil (I use coconut, olive or sunflower seed oil), dip your finger or cotton ball in oil and rub it in your belly button, as deep as you can go. Try to do it everyday after shower, but if you can’t do it everyday, do it two to three times a week.

I am not entirely sure about the reasoning behind it but I do know that, in Indian culture, the belly button has many functions and/or uses. It is very important in meditation because it is believed that it connects to everything inside you and especially your gut, which may be the culprit of your dry lips.

Try this trick and comment what you think.

Stay blessed and moisturized!

Be Beautiful… Inside Out


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