Oh The Juicy: Kardashians and Trump


With a steaming cup of my favorite flavor, cardamom and cinnamon, chai, I read the juicy gossips and wonder to myself what we have come to. Waking up to news of new Kardashian and Jenner gossips, and Trump mishaps and mistweeting towards others, has become a guilty pleasure. Gossip was always juicy, since the beginning of time, but it has been escalated and become such a big part of our lives that we choose to explore more about what’s happening with celebrities, rather than what is happening right now with the immigrants, with the health care issue or anything else for that matter.


Let’s honor and cherish the people around us, who follow the real news around the world and stimulate their minds with the things that matter. Cheers to all who drink the real Juice of knowledge!


Beautiful Me


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