Hideout: Easy Said Than Done


“You don’t need a physical hideout if you surround yourself with the people you trust.”

Easy said than done. No matter how much somebody loves you and cares for you, when you fall, the closest people will be the first ones getting embarrassed by you and making you feel like dirt. The outsiders will be watchers and assumers but the insiders will be the confirmers of those doubts.

So what do you do? It depends on how comfortable you are being exploited by others. Some keep all their secrets and thoughts to themselves, making their mind their hideout and safe house. Some tell all and don’t care about the judgmental eyes and not needing a hideout. And then there are some that confide in their allies and regret and seek a physical hideout. There is no way of telling which person is the strongest, but keeping your secrets a secret is the best advice to be taken.


Beautiful Inside


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