I went for a Chemical Peel

Today, I went for my first of three chemical peel treatments. The peel used, PCA Sensi Peel, is a mix of glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid and kojic acid. Glycolic acid is the smallest particle in the group of alpha hydroxyl acid, AHA, which is why it is able to penetrate the skin in the deepest level treating acne, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Salicylic acid is useful in treating acne but it thins and dries out skin with excess use. Lactic acid is a much gentler form of acid and improves fine lines and dullness in skin. Kojic acid is most used for its skin lightening benefits.

All these acids make the skin sensitive to sun because of the scarring and peeling of the top layer of the skin. Hence, the exposed layer of skin is sensitive to environmental factors such as sun damage.


Care before treatment:

  • Do not do any intense treatments (electrolysis, laser, waxing) the week before.
  • Sun protection


Care after treatment:

  • Do not wash face for 3 hours post treatment
  • No exercise (sweating) for 48 hours post treatment.
  • Minimal sun exposure and apply generous amount of sun block.
  • Be gentle if peeling occurs.
  • No make up for 24 hours
  • Do no do any other rigorous treatments on the peeled skin for 10-14 days
  • Do no go into hot tubs, public pools, sauna, etc. for a week.


During the treatment: The medical esthetician did 6 layers of this gentle peel and I had minimal burning sensation. It burned a little bit on the 6th later. Every skin type is different; therefore different people may react differently.


Post treatment: It has been about 5 hours since the treatment and I don’t see any difference. There is no peeling yet. I will post the next review on peeling in two days.

Stay Tuned


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