Quickened- My first and Last Brazilian


My First: I first got waxed down there on a Caribbean island I was living at, about four years ago. I did not speak Spanish, and this five star esthetician I went to did not speak a word of English. It was the most excruciating experience of my life. I had hoped, to my benefit, she would quicken the experience and be efficient. But as I screamed and jumped from the agonizing practice, she kind of smiled at me, which made me want to punch her (pardon my language). I felt each and every hair pluck out of the gentlest parts of a female body. I am not exaggerating when I say that she took one hour to do a Brazilian and by the end of it I was half off the chair trying to run away from her. Now, in the moment, I was mad at her but it was not her fault that I could not handle the pain, even though it crazy painful. The first time is always hardest. And according to the image below I got a hollywood wax. 7b95dd4073b3b199f7dafa2737bf7167.jpg

My last: After going through tons of waxes and different estheticians, I have finally learned to endure the pain. And the process has drastically quickened. From an hour and sometimes hour and a half, it has come down to 10-15 minutes maximum. This morning, I went in to the building for the wax at 10 a.m and I was out and on my phone at 10:15 a.m. So within 15 minutes I was able to go in to the building, get ready for wax, get waxed, make the next appointment and have a little small talk, and get out. That is some quickened service.

Quicken or not!
Beauty is Pain! So much pain!


9 thoughts on “Quickened- My first and Last Brazilian

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    1. Haha yeah… In the beginning the growth was more and thicker and longer hair. I also would scream a lot so the waxing lady would have to give me a breather after every rip. It also depends on different aestheticians.

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  1. Youch!!! Thanks for following my blog and it’s great to meet you.. I look forward to reading more of your posts. Ouch though – I’m feeling ‘that pain’ … certainly makes your eyes water the first time! x

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