Doubtful Makeup Applications:


Recently, there was this quiz going around where you ask the men in your life what this following object is! So go ahead and make a guess!


What did you guess?

Possible answers: pink egg, clown nose, or burt’s nose from sesame street.

Well, the answer is that it is a beauty blender, or a makeup sponge applicator.


It is used to apply foundation and blend it. There was a time fingers were used to apply all the make up, then came brushes, then came cushion sponges, then came these beauty blenders, then came these huge brushes that look like tooth brushes.


My personal favorite is using my fingers for liquid foundation and the brush for powder. It gives the best results. And now we have these new applicators made of silicone.


I always had my doubts with beauty blenders. It did an amazing job blending but the amount of product that was left in the sponge was outrageous. It hurt so much when I would see the excess of Chanel foundation residue in the sponge. I am not even going to begin with the bacterial hazard these sponges are; causing you to breakout. They have to be deeply cleaned after every use and dried carefully so the moist sponges don’t attract germs. It is a no-go for me.

Now this new silicone applicator is alien to me, but logically it looks way better than the sponge. It does not have tiny pores that products seep into and it looks easy to clean.

I will definitely give the silicone a shot and get back to you guys! Let me know what is your favorite way of applying makeup?



Beautiful Me!


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