Desire of True Self

Via Desire

As I listen to my favorite genre of music, sufi (actualization of truth, inner self), Indian classic and spiritual music, I can’t help but experience this love pouring inside of me. It is love for myself, love for everyone and everything around me and love of just being. I am grateful and overwhelmed with the blessings in my life and have only one desire of soul search, self-awareness.

The sufi music lyrics most times can be mistaken for some worldly lover or one person but it is always written and sung in a souls prospective.

My Sufism in english: 

I will have you in front of me one day
Smile, look at you smile back, and shy away,
Sit you down and just gaze at you.
I will be on the seventh sky, sorrow no longer true.

Till that day arrives there is this yearning.
A lamp of absence that keeps burning.
Longing for your touch that ignites fire
Our souls entwined is my desire.
Becoming one is something of fantasy,
It can be possible if you can be my ecstasy.

Come to your beloved as I adorn,
Wear garments with jewels, never worn.
I will embrace you with all the love there is
We will chatter whatever your heart says.


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