Is life a Fog?


In the smoke of life, I stand!

Hazy and unknown objects approach,

I tackle with, as they attack

Some are sweet-bees and some vicious bats.

One side an angelic light is seen,

It pulls me towards it, and forces.

The other side is a dark one,

It shows me love and mesmerizes.

Which path should I choose?

Nuanceย of voice, Nuanceย of intentions,

Difficult to distinct value each has.

Life will be a struggle throughout,

Between temptations and righteous deeds.

Choose a side and follow that path.

Standing in the middle looking confused

Soon the voices will go mute.

Nuanceย of Life

12 thoughts on “Is life a Fog?

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    1. Thank You so much. It is crazy how I started writing this poem few hours ago and by the time I got to the 4th line I was like let me see what the word of the day is and it was Nuance. It was kind of a magical moment for me. Haha!


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