My Hair Growing Hair Routine THAT WORKS  

Great Hair care routine for curly hair individuals. Check it out.


You are so lucky you found this post…seriously! If you are like me and you’ve tried everything to your hair to make it grow, be frizz free, healthy, and just pretty, and nothing works, I have a solution for you that you likely haven’t heard! This changed my hair and I think it could change yours.

A little bit of background: for most of my childhood I had straight hair. One summer when I was 12 or 13, I kind of just stopped doing anything to my hair. I was taught to blow dry and then straighten my hair for so long (no one in my life has curly hair) but I guess this was the beginning of my “fuck it” days. I started to realize that my natural hair has some curl to it, and over time it got super curly out of no where! Now, I’m not…

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