My Instinct and I


Why have I chosen this stressful road?

Knowing that it will be filled with obstacles;

Fruits that I sow, to reap nowhere near.

I am walking and keep on walking,

I see an end to this torment nowhere.

But I still choose to walk this way,

I choose no escape.

Am I that brave? Or just too coward to explore.

Coward to face the eyes disappointed,

Scared to see them shake their heads,

Or worried they will pity my failure.

My chest is burning, neck strangled,

The handle this has on my mind and body,

I doubt I’d ever escape on time.

My Instincts have cooled, that started with fire

My Instincts have shaken, that started so solid.

But I still follow the same instinct,

That promised me I’d make it somewhere.

Somewhere Grand, and somewhere Magical

My faith has strengthened once again,

With this confidence my Instinct has.

So are my Instinct and I different?


Beautiful Instinct! Beautiful Me!


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