Get Your Dry, Itchy Scalp Fix Now!

According to Ayurveda the cause of dandruff could be due to two different doshas. To read about doshas for a better understanding click here. Dandruff could be a possibility of excessive Vata dosha, which causes dryness, itchiness of the scalp and skin, and flaky scalp. Another cause of dandruff is excessive Kapha dosha, leading to increase of oil, which in turn can cause clogging of pores causing sticky hair follicles, pimple eruptions, and itchiness this is also knows is seborrheic dermatitis. Other causes for dandruff include not washing hair often or properly, fungal infection or contact dermitis which is sensitivity to products you come in contact with.

Here are some effective dandruff remedies that are easy to do.

Remedy 1:

Coconut oil and Lemon:

Mix 4 tbsps. of warm coconut oil and juice of half a lemon. Apply this onto the scalp and wash it off after 30-45 minutes. The acidic ph of lemon helps fight dandruff and oil nourishes the hair.

Remedy 2:

Green Tea and Apple cider vinegar:

Boil a cup of water and add 2 tbsp. of fresh green tea. Let it cool. Add ¼ cup apple cider vinegar in it. Apply this throughout the day (3-4 times). This is one of the most effective remedies. Results are visible in a day. You can refrigerate the mixture for future use. Tip: you can add few drops of neem oil if available.

Remedy 3:


Apply fresh aloe gel onto your scalp. This helps with dandruff, hair growth and hair strength. Tip: Mix it with lemon juice for an even more effective remedy.

Remedy 4:

Fenugreek Seed paste:

This paste is not just beneficial for dandruff but helps with hair loss as well. Soak a cup of fenugreek seeds overnight. Grind it into a paste; add juice of half a lemon and tbsp. of apple cider vinegar. Massage this mixture into your scalp and wash it off after about an hour. Tip: Wrap your hair to protect your clothes.

Tip: You can add amla juice to any of these remedies and make an even more potent mixture due to its acidic content.


Enjoy Dandruff free and itch free scalp.



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    1. I totally get you. And it could be annoying to itch all the time. Oil your hair regularly and stay hydrated. 🙂 I have seen huge difference doing these remedies and I am someone who has been suffering from bad hair loss for the past 5 years.

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