Last Stage: Acceptance


I mourned my loss, Loss of dignity

Denial was the first stage, felt like eternity

I was in a misery and then came anger

It took a toll on body and mind, I could hold no longer!

I started banging my head asking Him one question,

“Why did it happen to me?” I said with regression.

No response, no voice to my release,

It ate at my soul like a disease.

Now past the depressive stage,

Into the future, with acceptance, I gaze.


If you are suffering and mourning a loss of someone, or even loss of your ambitions, hang  in there. Stay connected with your family and friends. Let them in. I promise you will get through this and make it to the other side, where you will see a way to move on with the sweet memories and lessons learned. You might be on different stages of grievance; denial, anger, bargaining, depression or some in acceptance, and you will all get through. Some might relapse, and some might move on for good.

And for the people who are with the ones in grievance, you hang in there too! Give them enough space to mourn but stay near so you are in reach when they need you.


Help thy neighbour and help the world make it through with patience, love and compassion.

Beautiful Life! Beautiful World!

2 thoughts on “Last Stage: Acceptance

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  1. Good to see you emerging from the tough phase that must be so hard to bear … Just like meeting friends for coffee, please come interact with others and it’ll be so nice to see you in different places. Acceptance is a courageous step to take!

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