Second Peel Treatment


After the 1st Chemical peel experience with mild shedding, I was super excited for the second treatment. And weeks after the first peel, my skin was glowing and flawless with no breakouts or blemishes.

The esthetician suggested going on a higher strength of the same blend of peel for up to six layers, if my skin could handle.We started the peel, as she began with a salicylic acid mask, which started burning immediately. As the tingling feeling subsided, the esthetician began the peel. The first two layers were a breeze. As she applied the third layer, I started feeling the burn. By fourth layer I couldn’t handle it. My skin felt like it was being scraped with sandpaper, especially around my cheeks. I had a fan next to my face to cool my face. I finally made it to the sixth layer successfully without giving up. I was so proud of myself and the esthetician also complimented my skin for being strong and healthy. I credit my healthy skin to my change of skin care regime from tons of products to simple serums and natural DIY.

The esthetician gave me the same guidelines from the first peel. No swimming pools, no hot tubs, no sweating, no saunas, no make up for up to 48 hours. You can review them here.

Post Peel Experience:

The peeling started within the first 24 hours as opposed to the milder peel where peeling began after a few days. By the third day my face looked like this:


I peeled for a total of five days. On the fifth day I had to go to a mandatory science seminar that ran all day. It was pretty embarrassing walking around with a hat on so I could hide the dry skin on my forehead, but I got through it. On the sixth day my skin was still a little dry but clear and no flakes were visible. A fresh new layer of skin had surfaced making my face look flawless. My boyfriend was so happy to see my face back to normal as he had been traumatized looking at my peeling flakes. The things we do for beauty.


Over all my experience was fun and interesting. It is always tempting to scrub or pull off the hanging skin flakes but you have to let it fall on its own. It is so important to be gentle with the skin to make sure you don’t damage it while trying to speed the process.

I can’t wait for the third and last treatment for the year.


Beautiful Peel! Beautiful Me!


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  1. I went for a consultation at a dermacare place once and they tried to talk me into a peel and the thought of it terrified me. For one – I don’t know who can work with a peeling face like that for 5 days?! I work in sales and meet with customers daily so it just doesn’t seem doable. Also all the guidelines – I work outside as a yacht/boat dealer and there is just no way I could dodge the sun! So I have thought about it by my schedule/lifestyle likely wouldn’t allow it. Were you very happy with the results and how long did they last?

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    1. If you are under the sun and have work with sales it is definitely difficult to deal with. I would suggest to do it when you can lay low on sun for a week at least and only do the mild peel which deosn’t show at all. The first time I did it, I hardly peeled. The biggest issue is sun because if you go out in the sun after your peel, even if you apply sunblock, you will get some damage since its baby skin that comes out. I did mine last week knowing I was off, but unfortunately things come up where you have to face the world. So my suggestion is to wait and keep in mind your schedule, maybe do it in the winter if you live in a cold country. If its not possible, then don’t do the professional peels. Instead use the milder form of at home peels which are really safe and visibly unnoticeable. And my results are really good. I had a few stubborn blemishes on my cheeks which are almost gone and face is glowing. 🙂

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      1. Thank you for the advice! I know I am a good candidate for a peel since I do have a lot of sun damage from working outside. I am in Seattle and we have a slower sales season around the holidays so maybe I can plan to do a gentle one then.

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    1. Hello, Dermabrasion is like a deep exfoliation and polishing of the skin, where the top layer of the skin does not come off. With chemical peel, you can see your skin peel off. Peel is better for acne scarring, skin pigmentation and fine lines.

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