The Ultimate Fix for Your Sore Throat


Being sick for the past three days has led me to this post. Having sore throat is the worst part of being sick for me. But don’t worry I have the best fix for you with no side effects. My throat was hurting really bad this morning and by doing this trick throughout the day, 80% of the soreness is gone.

My (my mother’s) ultimate remedy for a sore throat:


  • Things you need:  One tablespoon turmeric (ground powder or fresh paste) and One tablespoon honey
  • Mix the two ingredients into a paste
  • This mixture should be good to eat a drop throughout the day. Eat it when you feel pain and discomfort or every hour. Try to keep it in your throat for a few seconds before you swallow.


Your throat will be back to normal in no time with the help of the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and antibacterial and soothing effect of honey.


Other remedies:

  • Honey and lemon tea
  • Steaming your throat with celery seeds (ajwaein) water (very effective in clearing your throat.)
  • Gargle with warm salt water
  • Relax and sleep
  • If it gets worst you should go to the doctor!


Try this amazing remedy on kids and adults and it will definitely heal your sore throat and make you feel a lot better. Do it as soon as you feel the soreness for best results.


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      1. I’m not going to rush out and get a sore throat just so I can try it, but I’ll try to remember to get back to you when it next happens. No promises–I’m likely to remember that I meant to do let someone know something related to being sick but not remember what or who. Sorry–it I had an actual memory, I’d be an entirely different human being.

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