Meditation Secrets Unheard Of:


Even though meditation has become a big trend now, because of exposure by social media and celebrities, there are so many aspects of meditation that are unheard of. Meditation is not as simple as it sounds and it is not as hard as it may look; which is why according to yogis and gurus, that have reached highest levels in meditation, it can be very dangerous if done wrong and that is why you need a guru to look after you as you go through this journey. You need a guru (teacher) who is knowledgeable and has already experienced everything he is talking about; he knows your capacity and knows when and where to stop you.


That being said, let’s learn about some Dos and Don’ts of meditations!




  1. Personal Mat: have your personal mat made of wool and if possible it should be red. Red is the color of intensity and energy and it will help you focus on the present. It can be silk if wool is not available. The wool and silk help retain the energy coming out of you into your personal mat.
  1. Group meditation: If you are a beginner meditate alone and in groups (if possible) as the higher quantitiy of vibrations from the group helps to heal and focus better. Everyone releases energy and vibrations when they meditate.
  1. Keep distance: keep safe distance from anything and anyone around you when meditating. Transfer and disruption of energy can occur if anything or anyone directly touches you when in a trance state.
  1. Sit straight: the ideal position for meditation is crossing your legs and keeping your spine straight as the energy travels up and down your spine and if kept straight it is beneficial.
  1. Keep eyes shut: it minimizes distractions and helps your focus within.
  1. The End: once you are done meditating, rub your palms together to create heat, open your eyes looking directly into the palms and move those hands gently touching your face and head.




  1. Personal Mat: Do not share your mat with anyone. Not with your significant other, parent, children or sibling. Meditation is a very personal experience, it is between you and yourself so the energy traveling within you and that comes out of you must remain with you. Everyone has different vibrations and directly sharing them can be harmful to you or the other person. Do not sit on cotton or any other material mat.
  1. Ground: do not sit on the ground or even your bed to meditate. If you have no choice, make sure you keep that mat between you and the ground. This is because earth and wood pull and take energy.
  1. Do not compare: another person may look like they have accomplished a certain level and you might want to imitate but in meditation nobody is better nobody is worst. Just be in the moment with yourself and let it be about you. It is a very individual experience and maybe the only individual experience in life; so do not make it about others.
  1. Do not go for third eye: opening the third eye can be a very difficult task and once reached difficult to manage. It drives some people crazy while some can handle it with ease, and that is why to be safe it is suggested to go slow and just enjoy every moment of meditation and just be as going slow will teach you to be able to handle your enlightened mind.


Just love yourself and breath; that in itself is meditation.

Beautiful Within!


9 thoughts on “Meditation Secrets Unheard Of:

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    1. Yes, when you meditate properly and the juices start flowing, you have to maintain a certain standard and way of doing it. And it is very important to keep what you experience to yourself as much as you can. Thank you! Good luck 🙂

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  1. Spine straight is essential, but one can lie or sit in a chair, where ever one is most comfortable! Most meditators keep their eye just ajar, facing down but not focussed. When one starts meditation loads of our personal garbage/rubbish arises so its not easy. A teacher is essential. Start with ten to fifteen minutes each day. If a session is difficult it is soon over. If its good and continues then take it back to ten to fifteen again the next day until its a daily habit for a year before increasing it.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. Though I feel like for beginners lying down can be harmful because people tend to fall asleep. I have personally gained the most in lying down position. Out of body experience is another possibility in the lying down position and is easier to achieve than in sitting down and that is why I think for beginners sitting down is better so they can work up to the stages. That being said some people have back problems and stress, and for such individuals lying down may be better.

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