The Evil Eye in India

I have been out of country this month. I went to my motherland, India! I had difficulty getting Wi-Fi and even charging my laptop, with the voltage difference. The trip over all was amazing and full of adventures, which I will talk about in the next post.


The topic of evil eye is the perfect way to get back into the blog, as Indians are big believers of evil eye in their daily routine.

Everything that goes wrong in their lives, from failures in career and relationships to getting a headache, is blamed on an evil eye. When someone is dressed up nice or is successful in life, he or she is the most prone to get evil eye. There are many fixes and preventative methods that are used for this evil eye. These methods vary in different cultures and regions of India.

Who has it? Who gets it? Who receives it?

Let us first talk about who develops or gives this evil eye. A person, who strikes the evil eye on another person, is almost always unaware of it. It is believed that jealousy is an emotion that sends out these energies that cause a negative effect on the victim of that envy. The traits of the people prone to having an eye that casts these energies can be (not specific to) red eyes, eyes that sparkle, yellow eyes, or watery eyes. Other ways of casting evil through glare is if you do black magic. There are specific spells that help a person cast these energies on purpose.


The way the people that cast it are unaware of it; the victims of the malevolent eye are always unaware of it. Some people are naturally more prone to getting effected by these energies. While some might not get any mark on them at all. One is prone to getting an evil eye if one is good looking, likable, successful, wealthy, and/or prospering in life. Babies are also very prone to evil eye due to their physical vulnerability, which is why in India babies always have a black mark of kajal (black powder) applied on their body to ward of evil.

There are many methods to ward off evil. Black is considered to be a color that soaks all negative energy that is why putting a black mark behind the ear wards off wicked energy. Wearing a black thread in the neck, preferably with pendant of any religious symbol also helps. When someone gives you an envious look, the way to block the negative eye is by spitting on the side three times or making an X on the ground with your foot wherever you are standing while reciting any hymn or religious name. Other methods include wearing a necklace or bracelet prayed on by a shaman or priest.

To cure an evil eye that has already been casted, many things can be done. There are many mantras and hymns that can be recited next to the victim. The salt method is the most popular one in India, where someone takes salt in their fist and circles the victim seven times from head to toe and then throws it in running water. Another popular method is the burning of chilies. In this method, like the salt method, circle the chilies seven times around the victim and throw the chilies in fire. If the chilies start burning your eyes, there was no evil eye but if the burning chilies do not burn anyone’s eye, it means the victim was heavily affected. Tying lemon and chilies pierced with needle and black thread in front of your house and work is also very popular and after a week of use it is replaced with a new one and the old one is thrown in the middle of a four way street, so all the evil is crushed as people pass over it.

These are some of the believes revolving around the evil eye in India. At the end of the day, I believe in making your aura strong enough to ward off any evil that comes your way. And that is done by being a humble human being and being spiritual.

Stay Blessed and Send off good vibes.






9 thoughts on “The Evil Eye in India

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  1. Great article. I’m very familiar with the concept and have been wondering about it lately. Do we give others too much credit – are they really that powerful to affect us with negative energy? Could it be our own minds that jinx ourselves? The reason I question others’ ability is because most people are not that spiritually aware. Sure, if a shaman gave me a specific look, then I might say their energy is powerful enough to affect me. But in reality, how much does my brain have a part in this? Even in the shaman scenario, does my belief trigger how his energy will affect me?


    1. I love your comment! I wanted to include this part in it as this is exactly my opinion as well. But I left it at what I saw Indians believing. I think the people that constantly obsess over these things are the ones that are most vulnerable and attract such energies in their lives. Someone might be on a higher level in the ladder of life but does not think about these things and so will never get any damage. This is all our own psycological game that we become players of. We need to set free of these issues that we create and it can be conquered by just setting your mind free! Thank You

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  2. Interesting article. My mum used to talk about it all the time growing up… I’m not sure if I believe in it the way she does, but I think there are some people who are just very negative and being around them is very toxic

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