Glow your skin through your belly!

There are hundreds and thousands of ways out there, going viral; to get that glow on skin that you desire. Some say to use a specific lotion, a specific vitamin, or specific battery operated device, but one sure way of getting flawless skin and the best out of your skin is through nutrition. What you eat and what you don’t eat has a lot to do with how your skin looks. Your skin is a reflection of the nutrition you add to your body. It’s simple mathematics. Your skin is a result of what you add and subtract, to and from your body.

Recently, I have had two very similar experiences in two different countries with two different women from different ethnicities. One woman was a friend in California and the other woman was an owner of a local health foods and nutrition shop in Montreal, Canada. The friend from California always has flawless glowing skin, the type you get from highlighting. Her skin is always soft and fresh looking; oozing the fountain of youth. She has blemishes here and there, as flawless does not mean perfect skin 24/7 but an overall good health of skin. And the other woman was a much older owner of this health shop and had beautiful, glowing skin. Her recommendation for healthy skin was a broccoli extract skin care routine. I am a skin care nut and until that day I had not come across any broccoli extract products. And right there it clicked in my head. The friend who has flawless skin is known for her love of boiled and steamed broccoli, which she eats everyday, and this lady is recommending broccoli infused products.


Since that day, I have been adding broccoli in my diet almost on a daily basis. Sometimes, I try to make it one meal of just steamed broccoli. And I have seen amazing results of soft and glowing skin. I wake up to my skin glowing and looking like that all day. I require minimal makeup, as I love the blemishes and freckles that add personality to my face.


It is not that bad guys! It actually tastes delicious steamed with some salt and pepper.

Broccoli is a great source for vitamin C (220% of daily value), vitamin A, calcium, iron, vitamin B-6, and magnesium. It contains potent antioxidants like lutein and  sulforaphane which maintain healthy skin cells.


Daily tips for Glowing skin:


  • Eat broccoli
  • Eat greens (4-5 servings)
  • Eat fruits (3-5)
  • Eat nuts (almonds soaked over night)
  • Remove sugar slowly
  • Remove dairy

Follow these tips daily for a month and see positive results in your health over all. Feel clean and look clean.


Beautiful Me! Inside Out!


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