Virtue every being must have Thriving for it is our lives’ worth. We mold into a personality, The surroundings bring us to, since birth. It shouldn’t be mistaken for something physical, In size, length or girth. It is something others see and will reciprocate, It is the centre of your being and centre of the... Continue Reading →


Earthly Labels

What are you without a Label? Your last name is a tag of cast and status First name, Label of religious fable. Brands and names are beloved to us. Without all we are just humans, But then we find identifiers in colors, shapes and features. What gain did nature have with us? Discrimination defines us, the... Continue Reading →

Elixir of Vitality

Elixir Potion brewing creating an Elixir, Full of vitality and life, in the mixer Falling leaves making room for the new ones Chirping birds in the lands, known as barrens. High waves are washing the grime away, Negative vibes are going to be at bay. Bliss in life has come around the corner, Don’t let... Continue Reading →

Divine Knowledge

Immerse Immerse yourself in hunger of divine knowledge The body that doesn’t get fed with, is a graveyard The longing of his name should give you solace The realization of his presence should keep guard A person who knows this knowledge is one in million One lives in His unbroken fear A person who practices this... Continue Reading →

Last Stage: Acceptance

Acceptance I mourned my loss, Loss of dignity Denial was the first stage, felt like eternity I was in a misery and then came anger It took a toll on body and mind, I could hold no longer! I started banging my head asking Him one question, “Why did it happen to me?” I said... Continue Reading →

My Instinct and I

Instinct Why have I chosen this stressful road? Knowing that it will be filled with obstacles; Fruits that I sow, to reap nowhere near. I am walking and keep on walking, I see an end to this torment nowhere. But I still choose to walk this way, I choose no escape. Am I that brave?... Continue Reading →

Prayer for Love

Record Today, My heart aches for the love of my life His sorrow stabs me deeper than any knife He is hurting but I am in misery Not in my control, or I’d set him free! He chooses to keep it in and stay mum I am trying to keep it in sometimes playing dumb... Continue Reading →

Is life a Fog?

Nuance In the smoke of life, I stand! Hazy and unknown objects approach, I tackle with, as they attack Some are sweet-bees and some vicious bats. One side an angelic light is seen, It pulls me towards it, and forces. The other side is a dark one, It shows me love and mesmerizes. Which path... Continue Reading →

Ruminate to Rumi

Ruminate Rumi was a Persian Sunni Muslim poet, scholar and sufi mystic from 13th century (1207-1273). He was well known and revered in Middle East and Southeast Asia for his religious and spiritual views and became known in western civilization in the 20th century. Today, he is the best selling poet in Unites States and... Continue Reading →

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