Elixir of Vitality

Elixir Potion brewing creating an Elixir, Full of vitality and life, in the mixer Falling leaves making room for the new ones Chirping birds in the lands, known as barrens. High waves are washing the grime away, Negative vibes are going to be at bay. Bliss in life has come around the corner, Don’t let... Continue Reading →


Woman? No, Human Empowerment

Not women's day today but this article deserves recognition. Check it out! Today (and yesterday for my readers in other countries) is/was International Women’s Day… I would like to wish all women around the world a much deserved day of recognition! Now I would like to recognize some great women from around the world. There... Continue Reading →

Divine Knowledge

Immerse Immerse yourself in hunger of divine knowledge The body that doesn’t get fed with, is a graveyard The longing of his name should give you solace The realization of his presence should keep guard A person who knows this knowledge is one in million One lives in His unbroken fear A person who practices this... Continue Reading →


Another Guest post on the wonderful Aatif- Poetry Passion Blog. Check it out and submit your work.



Nuance of Life

In the smoke of life, I stand!

Hazy and unknown objects approach,

I tackle with, as they attack

Some are sweet-bees and some vicious bats.

One side an angelic light is seen,

It pulls me towards it, and forces.

The other side is a dark one,

It shows me love and mesmerizes.

Which path should I choose?

Nuance of voice, Nuance of intentions,

Difficult to distinct value each has.

Life will be a struggle throughout,

Between temptations and righteous deeds.

Choose a side and follow that path.

Standing in the middle looking confused

Soon the voices will go mute.



biography of the poet:-

Her name is Karam and she is a medical student in USA. she love to write poems and lyrics. she believes that she is a sufi soul and love sufi music and poetry. Some of her favourites in the…

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Second Peel Treatment

After the 1st Chemical peel experience with mild shedding, I was super excited for the second treatment. And weeks after the first peel, my skin was glowing and flawless with no breakouts or blemishes. The esthetician suggested going on a higher strength of the same blend of peel for up to six layers, if my skin... Continue Reading →

Guest post Poetry:-“YEARNING HEART”

Check out this amazing Poetry page for Guest Post. Follow it and submit your posts!



Yearning Heart

I will have you in front of me one day
Smile, look at you smile back, and shy away,
Sit you down and just gaze at you.
I will be on the seventh sky, sorrow no longer true. 

Till that day arrives there is this yearning. 
A lamp of absence that keeps burning.
Longing for your touch that ignites fire
Our souls entwined is my desire.
Becoming one is something of fantasy, 
It can be possible if you can be my ecstasy. 

Come to your beloved as I adorn,
Wear garments with jewels, never worn. 
I will embrace you with all the love there is
We will chatter whatever your heart says.

by:- A Guest Author

a brief introduction about the poet:

She is a medical student who loves cultures from around the world and spiritualism. Her niche is learning and talking about naturopathic/holistic medicine and remedies…

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4 Rules for Disease Free Life

According to the ancient Ayurvedic studies and sages, human body has three types of doshas, Vatta, Pitta and Kapha, which arise from the compositions of our body. These doshas govern the mind and body. Each individual has these three types of doshas in their body but everyone has one more than the other or one... Continue Reading →

10 ways to stay Skinny and Lose Weight

Drink warm water with lemon: This will flush out toxins and induce a great bowel movement. Win! Win! Drink this drink: Mix 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp. lemon juice, ¼ tbsp. Cinnamon powder, and one glass of water (preferably warm). This will reduce fat and help fix bloating. The correct way to eat:... Continue Reading →

Get Your Dry, Itchy Scalp Fix Now!

According to Ayurveda the cause of dandruff could be due to two different doshas. To read about doshas for a better understanding click here. Dandruff could be a possibility of excessive Vata dosha, which causes dryness, itchiness of the scalp and skin, and flaky scalp. Another cause of dandruff is excessive Kapha dosha, leading to... Continue Reading →

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