Glow your skin through your belly!

Healthy skin starts with broccoli and ends with luminous glow!


Virtue every being must have Thriving for it is our lives’ worth. We mold into a personality, The surroundings bring us to, since birth. It shouldn’t be mistaken for something physical, In size, length or girth. It is something others see and will reciprocate, It is the centre of your being and centre of the... Continue Reading →

The Evil Eye in India

I have been out of country this month. I went to my motherland, India! I had difficulty getting Wi-Fi and even charging my laptop, with the voltage difference. The trip over all was amazing and full of adventures, which I will talk about in the next post.   The topic of evil eye is the... Continue Reading →

karma comes around by a Guest poet: “KARAM KAUR”

Another Poem posted. Check out the poem titled “Karma Comes Around”


Karma Comes Around

Rush of feelings deep inside
Where will life take me on this ride?
The plans unraveling by universe,
Waiting for blessing that will lift the curse.

Hold on, hold your disbelief, 
It will happen, no need to grief. 
Your time is near don’t give up,
Cards will show, regarding buildup.

Do your deed, and move on to the next
Don’t wait around for the jewels in chest. 
Least expected, good Karma will come around 
Inner peace attained, never again bound


A Message in her own words:-

new pic 1 KARAM KAUR

Hello My Lovelies, I have a passion for poetry that is full of emotions. Whether it is an inspirational poetry full of life and love or deep poetry full of sorrow and lessons of life, I love it all as long as it is well written and unique. I am trying to come close to the…

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My Journey To Clear Skin

For you to gain perfect clear skin you have to be patient and allow your skin to regenerate. For example, take a genius like Mozart, of whom everyone is now aware of as being a protégée, but was in agony during his life. If people at that time left him alone and he wasn’t suffering,... Continue Reading →

Earthly Labels

What are you without a Label? Your last name is a tag of cast and status First name, Label of religious fable. Brands and names are beloved to us. Without all we are just humans, But then we find identifiers in colors, shapes and features. What gain did nature have with us? Discrimination defines us, the... Continue Reading →

Meditation Secrets Unheard Of:

  Even though meditation has become a big trend now, because of exposure by social media and celebrities, there are so many aspects of meditation that are unheard of. Meditation is not as simple as it sounds and it is not as hard as it may look; which is why according to yogis and gurus,... Continue Reading →

Spring Essential Skin Care Collaboration

Hello My Lovelies! Today, I am collaborating with an amazing beauty and fashion blogger Azra, from Simple Serenity. She is an amazing writer who is passionate about makeup and fashion. Please go check her out and follow her blog here! And Please check out her Spring Essential Blog Here! Now, Let’s begin with our Spring... Continue Reading →

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